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  • Power

    Conventional Power is our core business, accounting for over 40% of what we do. We hold equity investments in power projects that have a capacity to produce 30 gigawatts of power - equivalent to the installed generating capacity of Norway.

  • Renewable Energy

    Renewable energy has been growing quickly and represents almost a third of our business. We have committed $9 billion for our portfolio of renewable energy projects.

  • Oil & Gas Reserves

    Our Oil & Gas Reserves business taps into the hydrocarbons beneath the land and sea. Since 1991, we have invested over $3.7 billion of equity in oil and gas reserves.

  • Oil & Gas Infrastructure

    We have invested in Oil & Gas Infrastructure, including approximately 43,500 miles of pipelines and downstream oil and gas sectors such as storage and terminals.

GE Energy Financial Services

GE Energy Financial Services is GE's energy investing business. We work as a builder, not just a banker, to help meet the world's power and fuel needs. In addition to money, we offer expertise for essential, long-lived and capital-intensive power, and oil and gas infrastructure–GE's core business. Drawing on GE's energy technical know-how, financial strength, and risk management, we see value where others don't and take on our customers' toughest challenges with flexible equity and debt transaction structures.

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